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A toolkit for distributed mathematical modeling

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Welcome to INMOST project page.

You are advised to have the following directory structure of INMOST resources for further instructions to work:


INMOST.pages will be used for the site, will be used for Wiki resource and INMOST.lib for the library itself.

Setup the repository of this site on your computer

$ mkdir INMOST.pages
$ git clone INMOST.pages
$ cd INMOST.pages
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout gh-pages

After you make changes to the site you may add them by:

$ git pull
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "site update"
$ git push

Check online that changes are effective.

Visit INMOST Wiki resources for User Guides

Go to for Wiki resources of the project.

Setup Wiki on your computer to make contributions

$ mkdir
$ git clone
$ cd

Now you can edit INMOST wiki pages in Markdown notation and publish them by:

$ git pull
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "wiki publish"
$ git push

Proceed to wiki pages to check that everything you add looks clean and pretty.

Visit INMOST Doxygen documentation

Check for Doxygen documentation.

Generate local copy of Doxygen documentation

$ mkdir INMOST.lib
$ git clone INMOST.lib
$ cd INMOST.lib/Documentation
$ doxygen Doxyfile

Now you can proceed to your INMOST.lib/Documentation/html directory and double click index.html to open Doxygen documentation in browser.

If you have a folder of this site alongside with the source of your INMOST folder, then you can regenerate doxygen documentation for the site:

$ doxygen Doxyfile_pages

Then to update the site do the following:

$ cd ../../INMOST.pages
$ git pull
$ git add Doxygen/.
$ git commit -m "update Doxygen documentation"
$ git push

Check online that changes are effective.