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A toolkit for distributed mathematical modeling

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Welcome to INMOST project page

This site and the repository is in the process of moving to dodo server of INM RAS, the alternative gitlab repository is here

INMOST (Integrated Numerical Modelling and Object-oriented Supercomputing Technologies) is a tool for supercomputer simulations characterized by a maximum generality of supported computational meshes, distributed data structure flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as well as crossplatform portability.

Installation user guides, documentation and sources

User guides are available at wiki.

INMOST library sources are available at github. Download source archives in zip and tar.gz formats.

Online documentation is available at doxygen.

INMOST is licensed under Modified BSD License.

Questions and bug reports should be submitted using github issues page.


INMOST library supports unstructured grids with uniform and mixed topology with arbitrary polyhedral elements. The following mesh formats are supported:

INMOST library provides internal linear system solvers and supports third party solvers:

INMOST library provides internal mesh partitioners and supports third party partitioners:

INMOST developers

INMOST was developed by Kirill Terekhov1,2.

Contributors: Alexander Danilov1, Igor Konshin1, Kirill Nikitin1

Scientific advisor: Yuri Vassilevski1.

Look at additional information for contributors if you are intereseted in INMOST development.